Past, Present, Future

 Past, Present, Future

Stupid people always cry and regret the past that can not come back again or change when they are on their way every second, never stopping or stopping once, and thus losing them now and in the future, and life continues to go on forever.


Smart people are enjoying pleasures, dreaming about a good future that does not have a clear picture yet. So they are unhappy with the present, which is why they are disappointed with the present and the future. Doctor is always present And look at the future and look at the past to prepare for the right future.


They entrust the former to the past, keep the future ahead and take the moment. People cry for an unchangeable past when the process is going forward to a future that will make them lose the present, not meet the former and not yet chase the future. Smart people are always looking for a future that is destined to be the goal and to do everything for the present life,


And to know the true meaning of life. They understand that the past is the present lesson as practice and the future is the result. To get good results in life, people must learn, then apply. Do not grieve in the past is useless yesterday, you, the best, do not see what's happy today, it's only the sadness, the best tomorrow can not return us like the best yesterday.


Only today is the best time to treat the horrible past and create a bright future. Use today for your meaningful life. You do not have to tell others that you've been like this or that in the past, tell what you're going to be in the future, and what you're doing right now, make people look cool.
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