Ice-Cream Man Meet Manny Pacquiao

Ice-Cream Man Meet Manny Pacquiao

 Ice cream man in the Philippines have come up with some of the most shocking and exciting things in life after meeting the national boxer and Congressman Manny Pacquiao. In fact, last Sunday, Facebook account holder Jen Manilay shared a video showing Pacquiao's activities with an ice cream seller Manong Marciano.


According to the posted video, Manny call the Ice-cream Man, who often runs across her place of work every day. "I bought 10 ice cream and gave one to Manny Pacquiao. Then Pacquiao asked me to call the vendor. The ice cream vendor was shocked when I introduced him to a man and found him Manny Pacquiao. "


Pacquiao also handed over 3,000 pesos (about $ 57 USD) to the ice cream vendor, and ask about his famuly, he said he had a stroke and three children had not been to school, Pacquiao also gave extra 30,000 pesos (about $ 570). Suddenly Pacquiao said: Are you renting a home? Next week, I will give you housing, including plots.


Due to Pacquiao's good heart, the man selling ice cream was so excited. "Soon, he will no longer be able to trade ice cream for a day, because we have given him a job at the Goldenstate School in Pacquiao's hometown." Manilay added: "Manong Marciano! Meet next week with your new home and plaza. "
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