Died after his four-day birth

Died after his four-day birth

A hot topic related to a cousin of a young Facebook celebrity, who was born four days ago, is dead. According to Facebook, Jolly BabyShop said, "When the baby is not pregnant, it's not too late, as long as the doctor should know why it's okay, so help him to get his baby.


All of them, I have been in the hospital for injuries, my baby, my baby, died because doctors did not care. She does not care about her baby when her baby is sick. Tell the doctor that your baby is sobbing, his or her body is always so weak until the baby is in the stomach so the doctor comes and looks at it and sends our baby to hospita.


The source added, "Given that the instrument is not enough for Kantha Bopha hospital, I do not know whether some Cambodian doctors have learned a doctor's code of conduct or not, because I'm so hurt, I do not care, ignore On our own, as a child's baby, it's a tear, a pity, a pity, it's really sad.


The patient treated doctors like an angel very prone to doctors, but doctors made themselves worthless to be disgusted to want to bend one leg but we can not. The kids died at 2pm on the seventh day. Where did the word okay ???

When I realized that my son was dead, I fell down crying, crying, crying. I was really upset that my son, Lina, was born four days after losing his medication. "
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