What is network?

1. What is network?
Network is a group of computers, peripherals, and software that are connected to each other and can be used together.

Network Models
-Peer to peer network: computer can share resources with each other, and machines that share resources can also be used as client workstations.
-Server-based Network (Client/Server): the roles of each computer in a client/server network are distinctive. Affection both the hardware used in each computer and the software installed in each computer.

A server Is a computer on the network that provides other computers (called clients or workstations) with access to resources. Because these resources can be used by different computers over the network, they are called shared resources.
Severs typically have powerful hardware features than typical PCs, such as SCSI or SATA RAID arrays or network attached storing for hard disk storage,


-A Client is a computer that uses the resources on a server. Typical examples of client computer include windows visa, xp, and 2018, depending on the windows operating system in use.
One of the best reasons to create a network of any size is provide access to the internet.

Network Protocols
-TCP/IP: Transport control protocol/ internet protocol, it is a protocol used for both internet access and for local
-NetBEUI/NetBIOS: Extend user interface is an enhanced version of an early network protocol called NetBios, and NetBeui was used primarily on peer network using windows with direct cable connection between two computer.
-Although most current network are based on TCP/IP you might encounter other in some network. Protocols makes network configuration easier became users need to configure only one protocol to communicate with other network client and server.
The following section discuss some of application protocols that are part of the TCP/IP suite, as well as some of the services and technologies that relate to.

DNS  the domain name system is the name for the network of servers on the internet that translate domain name, such as www.konkhmer7hd.com. If you manually configure ip address of one or more dns server as part of the configuration process. Other popular domain name extension include .net .org .gov .us .kh .cc .
Some browsers will add the www. Prefix use on most domain name.

We looked at networking protocol and technologies discussed various common problem and solutions and also learn of networking tools and problem areas and how to identify and address them.
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