There are 5 ways you can make money online


There are 5 ways you can make money from the internet

1.The idea begins and produces the video properly

 2.Time and equipment for producing video

 3-.Continuous research and commitment This business is a real business if you put it And spend a lot of time with it and it must be.


4. Make sure that we are right and doing good. If Otherwise, it can be useless and hopeless to wear The middle way is that. Just a little sharing.

 - Know what YouTube wants (Know what YouTube wants) This giant site needs a quality video Valid in accordance with its policies and video Useful and unaffected by the interests of the viewer.


- Try to see the audience from the beginning to the end Your video (Engage viewers from start to finish): Intent It is important for viewers to watch this video From the beginning to the end, as far as possible. During viewing time Viewers can recommend your video with YouTube because it thinks this video is useful and interesting.

- Encourage audience participation (Encourage ViewerEngagement: When you like, Dislike & CommentsOn your videos, it can make your videos more available Popularity ascends rank and offers this video to viewers Other, so you get more viewers.


- Try connecting your video to the video list (Connect your video to Playlist): It can help a viewer spend more time To see your videos more in the video list, so Period of view will go up in response to Algorith -I am not a scholar, politician, or a very intelligent person

- Enjoy doing the work that I enjoy doing to the needs of my heart. I enjoy working in a vision and dream based on strong commitment, passion, experience and continuous learning.


There is no free space for you if you do not create one for yourself! There is no space for you If you do not make a place By yourself. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.


Thank you!!!!
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