how to get 1million view on youtube


Tips To Get 1 Million Views On YouTube Video

- You Need Good Video Idea 
- Good/Attractive Thumbnail 
- Quality Of Video (Filming & Resolution) 
- Grab Viewer's Attention with Great Title 
- Focus on Ranking Factors & Video Boosting


Successful people discuss ideas
People talk about things
Failure to talk about others.
- Anonymous
All You Need To Remember:
- Traffickers do not like the Whitehat method
- You are spoiled and ruined
- You are more self-centered than society
- You like to do dirty stuff
- You pretend to talk gossiplessly
- You do not like playing, do not care about your own name
- You do not like the long and long way
- You do not like to talk about perspective 


- You always bring things to others - You like to use immoral words 
- You do not value learning
- You have to say, and just try to do the latter 
- You are always jealous of the success of others
 - You like to share effective methods with short-term benefits
 - You do not have to wait a long time - You got around you

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