Croatia captures all Argentinean rules


Croatia has a good play . Argentina's play and key players have made Croatia a successful match and can beat Argentina 3-0. Luka Modric Capitan the Croatia national team, has confirmed that his team understand the Argentinian's rules of play, which is dependent on one player and the most important player in the Argentina squad since Jorge sampaoli led the club.


Always, Lionel Messi plays a vital role. Luka Modric, who hasbeen  Man of the Match , he said that “The result when playing against Argentina is from Croatia, which cuts off Lionel Messi's rhythm, he's the most dangerous and greatest player”.


But he can not do everything on his own. Football needs one another and it cannot be done alone. Playing off Lionel Messi and Mascherano does not play football, Argentina and no rhythm.
Lionel Messi has played nine times against Lionel Messi, only twice against Lionel Messi. Croatia's rule of regulation has made Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic speak about the Argentine as an easy game for his team.

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