Things Guys Say On a First Date

While there are sincere guys out there, there are also plenty of guys who are willing to say anything to impress a girl on a first date. In some cases he might just be looking for a quickie. In other cases, he suffers from deep insecurities. Either way, if a guy makes any of these 12 statements, turn down a second date at all costs.more info herbeauty

1. I’m not the Jealous or Controlling Type 1
2. I’m Totally Into Chick Flicks
3. I’m Looking For a Committed Relationship 3
4. My Saturday Nights Are Always Super Busy 4 
5. This is my First Alcoholic Drink in Ages 
6. I Get Along With All of My Exes
7. I’m Not Seeing Anybody Right Now
8. I’m Usually A Health Nut, I’m Just Making An Exception On This Date 8
9. I’ve Never Had a One Night Stand
10. I’m a Sensitive Guy
11. I Make Six Figures
12. I’m not Religious But I’m a Spiritual Person 12
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