The story of King Chulalongkorn, famous for the leadership of the Western world, made Siam a great success!


The participants expressed their deep respect for the Statue of the Horse on the back of the horse that was erected as a symbol Of His reign. Such a scene shows the excitement of finding something that can not be equaled.


King Chulalongkorn ascended the throne in 1868 and reigned for 42 years until his death in 1910. During his reign he became the most glorious king in the world, writing compositions in literature and drama.
Thais always remember their heroic works and strive to learn this masterpiece. He is a monarch who brought an ancient nation into a modern world. When Chulalongkorn ascended the throne of Siam.
After his father Mongkut or "Rama IV" died, Chulalongkorn was just a 15-year-old boy yet There is also a conjunctivitis.

At that time, the Siamese Empire was only symbolized as a country of kings, because the power that Chulalongkorn received was limited. Real power is still in the hands of noble families and a handful of military dictators.
They are responsible for controlling national revenues and forcing farmers to work very hard and to control the provincial authorities and impose a taxpayer's mandate to pay taxes. Extremely heavy on the royal family of the royal family.

In fact, such an act demonstrates the power of the minorities they have taken instead of the work of a young man Or a king who is ill and who is not expected to survive can last for a long time.


The problems mentioned above mean the day of the ascension, not the date of the reign of the newly enthroned King. The only major factor for a young monk is the value of the learning effort he receives from the Father. Chulalongkorn received a great legacy, and he balanced the education of both ancient Thai and Western modern ways.
He also rejoiced with the training of his Father. Despite this, however, there has been a stew work to protest against his image.

In the early stages of the reign of King Chulalongkorn, he performed his duties as Regent only. Whereas noblemen and other members of these elite families are responsible for a powerful administrative role.The king knew very well that the reforms he wanted to make, especially the reform of his own royal dynasty, would be subjected to hostility by the nobles. Because then their interests and power may be threatened.
Why is this young king intending to reform? The only main reason is to find a way to support his throne? But another reason was he was worried about foreign threats. European ambitions in the region were once manifested in the 19th century.The expansion of the colonial yards of Britain, France and other superpowers is deeply rooted.


But there are also ways to resist these European imperialists, both in terms of trade and politics. Faced with these colonial powers is open, which means to create a catastrophe to the palace and to seal the Kingdom of God from the outside world. Such an anti-foreign idea can lead to a real disaster.

King Chulalongkorn decided on the third option, establishing ties with the colonies. He opened the door to the West by democratically exercising and concessions, but did not allow them to violate territorial integrity.
The King spent time to strengthen his power by fully fostering modernization. He has experimented with changing what has just been discovered at his palace, such as the modernization of fashion.

Western-style educational training for young people and close associates with him. The King wishes to open up the hearts of young people to share in this work with him.
He studied deeply on the European colonial administration during his visit to Germany and England and the meeting with Malaya, Myanmar and India in 1871 and 1872. The king has gradually and thoroughly created the basis for centralization of the administration in Siam.
Solid aristocrats were unaware of the important activities of Chulalongkorn. That is why he continues to carry out his reforms. He received his second royal throne as the full moon on November 16, 1873. The selection is of age and also when the king is 21 years old. He began to abolish slavery.

Crackdowns in public events have been abolished. Reforms on financial and legal systems have been implemented. The individual councils and the Council of State, both of which act as cabinets and consultants, were also established. Such an act made the aristocracy furious. Given this situation, Chulalongkorn has temporarily withdrawn, undermining the reform policy for some time.

King Chulalongkorn has expanded his educational system and services. Military forces were improved by creating a Ph.D.

The King fully supports ethical and moral education. From his own point of view, such education is not the only measure to sustain the nation, but it is the consequence of increasing the quality of life of his people. Also. He set up a primary education system, using pagodas as a training site.
Additionally, Chulalongkorn established a Business and Professional School and a Civilian Contribution Institute, which later became Chulalongkorn University, where he required Teach young men and women about public service.
But it is also awe-inspiring because this "popular education policy", which has led many people to become more knowledgeable, These turned out to be the seeds of antitrust movement, and a revolution broke out in 1932.

The size and weight of King Chulalongkorn's reforms have been astonishing. He has taken a new form of change instead of the old-fashioned way. And when he succeeded in being fully royal
He never sought to enhance his personal power. What he sought was a way to make a difference for the Siam society as a whole. He was aware that changing the mind was right and necessary, both Western and Buddhist perspectives. In contrast to the experience of other Asian countries, the miracle of maintaining Siam's independence and sovereignty is due to the principles of reform. The king, who specializes in diplomacy and the reunification of this central government.

Since God's action was so great, people donated money to build the statue of King Rama 5 in the center of the palace. A reminder of the dignity and life of a king, leaving a permanent legacy in the heart And for the sake of his people. King Chulalongkorn is a brilliant symbol in Thai history. Under his skilful leadership, one of the ancient poor Kingdom of Southeast Asia has become a modern nation.
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