Fix this problem With Adsenes

To be approved for AdSense and display relevant ads on your site. Your webpage must contain enough text for our specialists to investigate. And so our crawler determines what your page is about.


 1. Make sure your pages contain enough text. - Sites with images, videos, or Flash animations will not be approved.

 2. Your content should consist of complete sentences and paragraphs. Should not include only the headline.

3. Make sure your site is fully built and enabled. Before you apply for AdSense, Do not apply if your site is currently in beta or "under construction" or just a website template.

4. Place ad code on your website's running pages. It does not need to be a master page. Only test pages that do not contain any content other than the AdSense ad code will not be approved.

5. Have clear navigation for your visitors. So they can find all sections and pages of your website easily.

6. If you want to monetize a YouTube video, please apply for monetization from YouTube. Blogs and sites that contain only videos will not be approved.
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