Development of fat app measured meat.


Fat inserted in beef is popular with consumers. But the fat level in our home. Most of us use the eyes of experts to determine the grading quality and price of beef. However, it is also skeptical of the accuracy of the grading of meat quality. Some groups still do not accept much accuracy.
Just download the Meat X through the Play Store. 

Open the app and take a picture of the beef that we will buy. Then the app will display the results of the star rating. The number of fat in the meat (1-12) and the information. Where is the meat?

However, Meat X App developed during the trial for Android operating system (Android). IOS system is under development. Download apps to help and take pictures of beef. The system will store and send the image back to the team to control the app. 

And help to understand the match between buyers, distributors and consumers who interested in progress can follow details at. madlab.cpe.ku.ac.th/Meat

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